mbpr is a full-service agency on the frontline of public relations, brand development, and marketing. We are dedicated to delivering a new paradigm of service to our clients that encompasses a cutting -edge understanding of the evolution and power of traditional and social media. Our PR and brand development strategy, tools and tactics are comparable in scope, results and service to larger firms, but at lower fees and cost. 

Public Relations
PR is a key component in the communications mix. It has the unique ability to instantly form credibility and trust. We build relationships for our clients beyond writing a press release by creating an open and consistent dialogue with editors, reporters, and bloggers who we consider valued partners. Our longstanding relationships with the media allow us to match our clients’ interest with the needs of the press. The result is continued, prestigious placements locally, regionally and nationally – across print, online, and broadcast.

We help clients improve visibility and shine brightly in front of potential customers, allies, and peers with marketing strategies for the 21st Century. We target today’s consumers through today’s devices, pages, walls, and forums – helping to create branded content and layer messages across multiple mediums including print and online. An extensive menu of online marketing services are available including SEO & SEM, email marketing, content creation, marketing and optimization, media planning and placement, and mobile marketing. Design, content and production services also available for print, websites, landing pages, banner ads, and other needs.

Social Media
The era of mass communication has shifted to the era of mass participation. Consumers expect participation-communication from their favorite brands as well as an ongoing, open dialogue. mbpr helps brands, companies and individuals participate in conversations and create social media platforms to successfully build their brands and engage their customers. We have more than theories – we have creative success stories that have helped our clients ignite their customers and join the conversation.

Event Planning
Events provide unique opportunities to actively build a brand. mbpr event planning and publicity services are formulated to attract your target audience and promote your brand message. From concept to completion, we work in close partnership with our clients to deliver exceptional events that ensure strategic goals are met. Whether your goal is to educate, expand your client base, unveil a new product or service, or bring your customers right to your point of sale, our team will handle all of the logistics for you. We will leverage strategic partnerships and cross promotion opportunities for maximum impact.